1st Week Collections Of SOS: Ghaziabad

The first week collections of SOS in Ghaziabad  are as follows:

Shipra – 5,20,832

MMX – 8,12,606

Silver City – 4,85,402

Movie World – 4,01,758

Movie Magic – 3,72,183

Movie Palace – 3,55,132

Star X – 2,99,016

M4U – 87,344

S M World – 1,25,970

Galaxie – 3,13,424

Chaudhary – 3,72,032

EDM - 8,79,465

Mahagun - 5,73,330

Opulent - 7,41,315

Ansal - 2,14,462

Pacific Mall - 7,47,250

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