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7th Anniversary

  • Grow We Must

    The film industry is much more than an entertainment body – it is a wealth creator, a stimulant for the economy and a power status with phenomenal reach.
  • Write & Wrongs

    As the entertainment landscape evolves, it is more important than ever for the people writing content and those telling the stories to work together
  • Keep The Faith

    If only the big stars actively participated in the union that represents cine artistes, we would get a lot more respect Sushant Singh, General Secretary, CINTAA
  • They Can’t Cut Us Out

    Sadly, some producers still dont understand an editor’s job.
  • In A New Direction

    Behind the high-profile job of helming a film there are many challenges that directors face. Here’s news that will bring them cheer Ashwini Chaudhary, General Secretary, IFTDA