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Babloo Happy Hai

Banner: FilmyBox Movies, Leapfrog Productions
Producer: Gagan Dhawan, Ravi Dutta, Nila Madhab Panda
Director: Nila Madhab Panda
Cast: Sahil Anand, Erica Fernandes, Preet Kamal, Sumit Suri, Amol Parashar, Reyhna Malhotra, Parvin Dabas, Anu Choudhury
Music: Bishakh-Kanish

Without star-power to draw the audience to cinemas, a strong and convincing script is a must for every small-budget film. And the characters and occurrences must be credible to rivet the audience’s attention.

Babloo Happy Hai, a small-budget romantic comedy, checks all the right boxes. It is credible and an interesting tale, as far as the basic premise of the film is concerned. It is also an excellent example of how ordinary treatment can look extraordinary. However, if the story is impressive, the technical department falls way short.

Harry (Sumit Suri) and Rohan (Amol Parashar) plan a bachelor party for their friend Jatin (Sahil Anand). Jatin is all set to tie the knot with his father’s business partner’s daughter Tamanna (Preet Kamal), a bratty, high-society girl. For Jatin, the endearing young groom-to-be, the bachelor party is the last youthful indulgence before he gets tied down. Soon he meets Natasha (Erica Fernandes), a wild child full of grace. A one-night stand after the bachelor party, followed by numerous coincidences confuses Jatin about the commitment he is about to make.

Meanwhile, the three guys plan a trip up North before Jatin gets married. Tamanna spoils their plan by summoning them to her cousin’s wedding and to an NGO, where she and her friends plan to complete a project in Manali. Jatin, Harry and Rohan arrive at the wedding and are surprised to see Natasha there.

Directorially, Nila Madhab Panda succeeds in his attempts at a sensitive love story. Panda impresses with simplicity and handles many scenes with aplomb and portrays each of his characters with conviction. The dialogue is excellent in some places but could have been better in other places. He also tries to make the screenplay as realistic as possible. Since the film is about young people, it offers tremendous scope for the dialogue writer to produce great one-liners but there are many missed opportunities.

Panda smartly injects seriousness into the screenplay and the message that the film carries is elegantly presented. The editing of the post-wedding sequences confuses the flow and, overall, the editing could have been better. Costumes are apt and, as for locations, they are spectacular. From dreamy mountains to the streets of Delhi, they are wonderful. Cinematography is okay.

Although the story often loses pace, the writers swiftly and smartly wrap up the many segments of the screenplay in the first half. But due to the jerky flow, it looks abrupt. Even though the first half of the film is slow, the story lifts post-interval and takes a complete turn as far as screenplay is concerned. Background score is appropriate and the song-and-dance sequences are well-placed.

Performance-wise, Sahil Anand, whom we saw in Student Of The Year, shines with his acting skills. Erica Fernandes does well and emotes with flamboyance. Preet Kamal is good. Sumit Suri is good with his comic timing and presents his role with the right amount of zest.

Amol Parashar brings out the sensitivity in his character and plays his part with doggedness. Reyhna Malhotra looks good and acts ably. Anu Choudhury does justice to her role. Parvin Dabas is exceptional in his role. The rest of the cast supports adequately.

Verdict: Although the film is good in parts, lack of awareness and absence of known names will dampen its prospects at the ticket counter. Flop.

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