Charleston International Film Festival

May 18-22, 2011

What It’s All About:

The Charleston International Film Festival (CIFF) is a non-profit organisation set up in 2007 to bring people together through the art and science of film. The purpose of the festival is to promote the exchange of ideas and create greater cross-cultural awareness.

The festival has an international film and scree`nplay competition dedicated to showcasing the art and talent of emerging filmmakers and writers from the US and around the world.

Over the five-day spring event, which attracts visitors and aficionados from across the US and overseas, all genres of film including a wide range of subjects are explored. The latest sneak previews and premieres of some of the best new documentaries, features, shorts and animations of local, national and international filmmakers are screened. After the shows, participants are invited to after-parties and deal-making opportunities.

In addition to films and special events, insightful industry panels and educational workshops are offered. The festival closes on a high note at the formal Awards Gala, when the finest in filmmaking and writing displayed during the competition are recognised and honoured for their outstanding efforts.
Watch Out For!

This year’s schedule of over 70 films from nine countries will be showcased across three venues.
* The vintage American Theater on King Street serving as the hub where the majority of the films will be shown
* Cinebarre, voted Charleston’s best theater in 2011
* The sizable and scenic Hippodrome will be hosting the very cool, locally produced film Angel Camouflaged by director Michael Givens on May 21 with an exciting soon-to-be-announced after-event to follow.
Some of the films that will be showcased include:

10 Minutes From Paradise

Writer: Janyce Lapore
Synopsis: Three friends live a desperate existence in New York City until Billy, their leader, a man of imagination, offers them a glimmer of hope that explodes into a life-and-death situation and these three small-time hustlers find a grand and unexpected paradise.

A Coward Never Bled

Writer: Eduardo A. Garcia
Synopsis: A team of deep-sea salvage experts, helmed by a captain anchored to a boyhood tragedy, must save a burning cargo ship before it sinks.

Baby Boomerang

Writer: Adam Foulke
Synopsis: A frustrated writer moves in with his baby-boomer parents and then makes a deal with the Devil for his freedom.

Bitter Coffee

Writers: Alex Thompson (Writer, Original Story), Miguel F. Berg (Contributing Writer)
Synopsis: The end of the world is here. What remains of human existence depends on Earth’s last three survivors – a taxi driver, a drifter, and a mortician. Armed only with their words, wits, beliefs, and bitter coffee, the unlikely trio of survivors, must fend off the mysterious effects of a global post-apocalyptic phenomenon or face an eternal sleep.

























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