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Keymon & Nani

Banner: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Producer: Nickelodeon
Director: Team at Nickelodeon
Cast: Lead voice-over by Brian D’Costa
Music: Sandesh Shandiliya

After entertaining children on the small screen, the animated series Keymon Ache is all set to capture the hearts of tiny tots on the big screen. The 75-minute film is not just a reproduction of the TV series. This animation film has been packaged with new elements and a fresh story with high entertainment value.

Rohan Tendulkar has completed his exams and is sent by his parents to Goa to holiday with his grandmother (Nani). He is accompanied by Keymon, who stays with him in Mumbai. Cut to Nani, a tough woman who explores different parts of the country all by herself and stays in a lavish house in Goa that she has built. Her character is inspired by singer Usha Uthup. Nani, who speaks in many tongues, quite literally, has a palatial home, where the specialties of the places she has visited are reflected in separate rooms in the house. When Rohan and Keymon visit her, she makes sure they enjoy their trip thoroughly.

However, Nani is suddenly kidnapped by an alien Aga Bai, who takes her to his leader Udibaba. She is then transported to their planet Kyaa Naam Hai. Keymon and Rohan go into space to rescue Nani, which leads to a series of entertaining and action-packed sequences.

Keymon’s character is funny and engrossing. He is mischievous and is in the habit of using the word ‘dude’. Rohan, on the other hand, is a little submissive. But the most entreating character in the film is Nani. She is strong and can take on even 100 goons with absolute ease! Also, the way every character is fleshed out is very interesting. From Keymon to Rohan to Nani and even the aliens, everyone adds to the laugh riot.

The animation of the film is vibrant and colourful and there are barely any glitches. It is only before the climax that you notice a problem with the lip synching. The background score goes with the flow of scenes and will appeal to the young audience. Songs too are good. This festive season, kids sure have reason to rejoice. A complete package for children, Keymon and Nani will definitely appeal to them.

Verdict: A treat for children.

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