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‘Butterfly’ Track: It’s Personal

Aaman Trikha has lent his voice to Shah Rukh Khan for the song Butterfly in the superstar’s upcoming film Jab Harry Met Sejal. Trikha talks to Komal Sharma about the song and how excited he was to work with King Khan

Aaman Trikha had no idea his dream would come true one day. “I have always expressed a huge desire to sing for Shah Rukh Khan and for his movies, so it was a great moment for me to record a song for him,” he says. 

On getting this opportunity, he says he had been working with Pritam Chakraborty for a long time. “He called me to record this song a month ago. It is only when you start proceeding with a song that you get to know the movie you are singing for. Before that, all you know is you are going to do a recording. Then, I had to listen to the track and when I was writing the lyrics, I realised it was a very deep and very earthy song driven by the vibe of Punjab. This was a very emotional and exciting moment for me because I am Punjabi and it has been a while since I got a chance to sing a Punjabi number.”

Trikha says working with Shah Rukh Khan was memorable. “He is the most generous person I have come across. He is also very humble and does not seem to be aware that he is a superstar. He is very down-to-earth. People love him so much and he also knows how to return that love. I expressed my thanks to him for the song on Twitter, with Imtiaz sir, Pritamda and Irshad sir, and he instantly retweeted, saying that I had given life to the song. What more could you ask for?”

According to Trikha, the song expresses SRK’s character’s love for being Punjabi. “He a hardcore Punjabi and expresses his Punjabiyat in every way he can. He never holds back and is bindass. According to me, in the movie, he is a typical Pendu. The character has a naughty yet sweet charm. And in the song, he relates to Anushka by calling her ‘Butterfly’, how a butterfly flies everywhere without any restrictions from society, and he also asks her to express it fully the way he does,” Trikha explains.

Singing in regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Gujarati etc., is a breeze for Trikha, who says, “I try to portray to the world that I am not just Punjabi but Indian. I am the diversity of India. I am blessed by Saraswati maa and God to be able to sing all these songs. To have a grasp on different languages, you need to be conversant in Sanskrit.”  

On collaborating with Pritam and Ishard Kamil, the vocalist adds, “I am happy to work with Irshad sir again as I have worked with him before in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Pritamda makes you feel very relaxed. I enjoy working with him because there is no pressure. He is one the sweetest composers and most talented human beings I have ever met.”

On his upcoming projects, Trikha reveals, “I have a couple of projects and I’am keeping my fingers crossed.”

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