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‘Pure’ Love

Often, actors besides the lead actors come shining through in a film. Recently, we saw supporting actor Vineet Kumar Singh from GOLD leave a strong impression with his stupendous work in the film. 

On the brief

Reema Kagti had done some really detailed research for this film. That helped me prepare for this role as she gave me a lot of material and told me many things about this character. The brief was that this person, Imtiaz Shah, loves his country immensely. He is a star player in this golden team. When the British India flag is waved after winning the gold, it pains him.

He had a dream of playing for independent India. Later, hockey took a back seat due to the World War and he joined Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army. Then, years later when Tapan Das (played by Akshay Kumar) told him about the Olympics to be held in 1948, isko apni life ka maksad mil gaya. Now he could fulfill the dream he had in 1936, of winning a hockey gold for India. This was the detailed discussion with Reema.

On the role

The purity of Imtiaz attracted me to play this character. He is the kind of person that makes people feel for him. Even though he is leaving his nation, people feel bad for him because they have seen his effort. He has no malice. This is why, when he was captain of the Pakistani team, his motive was to defeat the British. When he sees his students in the Indian team on the field, he goes to them and embraces them. He has a huge heart. In the final match, when India was playing against England, he cheered for them. Yeh saari choti moti cheezon se upar hai woh. I loved all these things about this character. Also, I have never played such character before and I wanted to do something different this time.

On the director

This is my first film with Reema and I like her very much as a director. In 2013, when Bombay Talkies released, I told her that I wanted to work with her. At that time, she said, Vineet, whenever we get a chance, we’ll work together. After that, this is her next directorial. This was a different and an amazing experience. When you work with a new team, when you bond with them, and when the output is good enough, you grow as an actor.

On the response

People around me are very happy with my performance and they are saying, ‘Vineet, tumhra yeh roop toh humne dekha hi nahi tha.’ They said, ‘Where was this Vineet hidden? And the accent you are using, we have never heard it before.’ I am really happy that people are loving this character and appreciating it. Ek actor ke liye yeh badi baat hoti hai. Thanks to my director and co-actors, kahi na kahi sab logo ki help se hi koi cheez banti hai. When people like our characters, it inspires us to work harder.

On the co-stars

We had four to five months of hockey training. During that time, Kunal (Kapoor), Sunny (Kaushal), Amit (Sadh) and I bonded very well and spent a lot of time together. Most of my scenes are with Akshay sir. I have learnt so many things from him, one is discipline and the other is staying happy no matter what. 

Future projects

I am doing a film titled Aadhar produced by Manish Mundra for Drishyam Films.  It is directed by Suman Ghosh, who is a Bengali director. It is related to the ‘Aadhar’ card. 

– Bhavi Gathani

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