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Music composer-lyricist Vayu, who has treated us to Banno tera swagger and Beat pe booty, is all set to win our hearts again with his new song Twist kamariya from Bareilly Ki Barfi. Vayu talks to Komal Sharma about how this wedding song is different from other shaadi numbers and a lot more.

The foot-tapping, peppy Twist kamariya number from Bareilly Ki Barfi is doing well. The song’s composer-cum-lyricist, Vayu, explains the concept. “They gave us a brief about Kriti and Ayushmann’s characters and said they wanted a song that was all about shaadi or sangeet. We already had this concept of Twist kamariya in mind and played around with the song a little, after we were given a part of the script.”

The lyricist also talks about the different elements and music used in the song. “Tanishk (Bagchi) and I had composed this song together and I had also written its lyrics. The beat of the song is very different and there are also some unique sounds and other elements. Since the Twist kamariya music and lyrics are not completely desi, the song need not be restricted to shaadis; it can be played at parties too.”

Vayu says he first visualises a song before he pens the lyrics. “So I saw people dancing on the dance floor, where the boy is chasing and praising the girl. But, then again, we got the brief that we should make it a normal song, so we made a few changes here and there.”

According to the musician, mood is of paramount importance, regardless of the art you are working on. He says, “No matter what you are working on, first, you have to be in a certain mood to do it. For lyrics, you can start writing poetry or short stories. But when you have to deliver a particular emotion, you need to go through that emotion first. I don’t think Twist kamariya caters to any specific emotion, apart from enjoying the moment and dancing to the beat. The approach to the song is very generic but it’s very catchy.”

On his long-term collaboration with Bagchi, Vayu says, “Tanishk takes care of the music completely. And he is brilliant as a producer. We have been working together for a very long time and we want to continue working together for as long as possible.”

Ruing the emphasis on commercial elements in Hindi film music, he adds, “We try to make things that are too commercial and everything is planned around money. People don’t invest in the artiste; they invest only to reap profits. I think we need to explore more rather than get so commercial.”

Apart from Bareilly Ki Barfi, Vayu also has some other interesting projects. “My songs from Shubh Mangal Saavdhan and A Gentleman will be out soon. I hope you guys enjoy them!”

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