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“This is the best era to explore music”

From learning classical music to singing raw, youthful songs of today, Brijesh Shandilya talks about his films Lucknow Central and Golmaal Again, along with revealing how changes in the music industry have impacted the art.

If there’s one thing Brijesh Shandilya is sure about, it’s that classical music has given him his foundation. “I have learnt singing because I wanted to have some basic knowledge. I was always inclined towards Hindi film songs, whether old Hindi songs or the recent ones sung by me. This is what I always wanted to do, light music and Bollywood songs.”

Asked to comment on the relevance of music aimed at the younger generation, the singer says, “It was always important. Even in the days of Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar, youth-centric songs were popular because songs like these are enjoyed by all age groups. Youth-centric songs are important as they are the ones who popularise them in the market.”

Calling these present times as the “best era in music”, Shandilya explains, “I am really happy with the changes in the industry. Fifteen years ago, buying an audio cassette was a big deal. Nowadays, people of any status can listen to songs from any corner of the world. This is definitely the best era to explore music. I am pretty sure that even the older generation is enjoying the privileges of the online medium, music-wise, and reliving their golden times.”

Shandilya’s excitement is palpable when he talks about his upcoming films Golmaal Again and Lucknow Central. “It is a big achievement for me to sing songs for these two movies. I am singing for Farhan Akhtar for the first time and I am really excited. Tanishk and Vayu, with whom I worked on ‘Banno’, have composed my songs and I am blessed to work under them again in Lucknow Central. It was a huge deal for me to get a call from these composers again. I am very excited about Golmaal too.”

On what he is working on next, he reveals, “I am also working for Anurag Kashyap’s next film and it has been the most challenging song for me to date. I also have South projects, for which I have sung in Tamil and Telugu. It was extremely difficult for me, but I managed to pull it off.”

– Bhakti Mehta

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