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“Concept-Based Films Are Growing”

The true-blue masala entertainer has always been a tried-and-tested formula for success in a country that loves larger-than-life films. But movie-goers today are increasingly keen on watching content-based movies. This week we speak to  actorDipannita Sharma on her latest film Take It Easy, a content rich film. Over to her:

On Choosing Take It Easy

I got the offer from director Sunil Prem Vyas. After reading the script, I was a little amused as no one had ever offered me the role of an urban mother. It was a new role for me and so I accepted it. The role demanded innovation and was not at all formulaic. Our director Sunil doesn’t go by the image of an actor. He imagined me in the role, I auditioned for it and I was finalised. It was a very refreshing film for me.

On Take It Easy

The film is about the education system, parental pressure and youth. It’s a story which many parents, kids and young people will relate to. It’s not restricted to metro cities because students in smaller towns too are under a lot of pressure. So the film has a wide appeal. It’s a story that most of us will relate to as most of us have had similar experiences. Although we love to watch films with superstars, content-based films are becoming increasingly popular and word-of-mouth helps these films grow. I am very confident about Take It Easy.

On Struggling

You could call it a ‘struggle’ or ‘work experience’, I don’t like the word ‘struggle’. I started my career as a model and focused firmly on that. It’s my first love and I love modelling. Films happened later and I choose only films that I really want to do. I have never had to look for work and I have always auditioned for the films I have done.

On Films

In the past few years, I have done only a handful of films because I choose carefully and the director matters a lot. I look out for directors who are confident of their script and about me as an actor. Our industry has this habit of typecasting actors, and this happened with me after Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. But I didn’t accept those offers as I don’t like repeating stuff. I chose Pizza because it was a new genre for me and so is Take It Easy.

On Modelling Industry

When I started my modeling career, the industry was very different. Fashion was our motto and we had some internationally famous models too. But, nowadays, Bollywood dominates everything and that’s why you see Bollywood celebs as showstoppers. Back then, models used to take their career seriously but now it’s just a ticket to fame. With the film and television industries growing, more and more people are choosing careers in these areas. Both industries are going through a phase which will end soon.

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