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10th Jaipur International Film Festival, 2018

The Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) is an established name on the global film festival circuit. It aims to promote new movie makers and exchange knowledge, information, ideas and culture between India and other nations in the context of their social and cultural ethos. JIFF also promotes friendship and cooperation among people of the world through the medium of films and documentaries.


Opening Films

Sila Samayangalil

Sila Samayangalil is a Tamil social drama written and directed by Priyadarshan. It is about seven people from different walks of life who give a blood sample for the ELISA Test, which screens for AIDS. To avoid the stress of waiting, they bribe the lab technician to get their results ahead of schedule. Before the results actually come in, they learn that one among them has AIDS.


Dana Dana (Pearl Pearl)

Directed by Mutana Al-Rubaye, the film is about an Iraqi musician who receives death threats and is forced to leave his country and the love of his life. His destiny turns around and he is forced to choose between a big break in his musical career and his refugee status.


Watch Out For

Short Fiction

Girl In Red



Laddu A Sweet Memory

Return of the Goddess

Chhoti Si Guzaarish (Small Request)


Feature Fiction

Moomal Rano

Code Name Abdul

Puya – In The Circle Of Time

Albert Einstein – A Survival Story Of A Student

Tikli And Laxmi Bomb

Documentary Feature

Burma Storybook

The Peace Agency


Curtsy, Mister

Around the World in 80 Anthems

The Circle

Closing Film


Directed by Pablo Larraín, Neruda is a 2016 internationally co-produced biographical drama film. Popular poet and Communist Senator Pablo Neruda (Luis Gnecco) opposes the administration of President Gabriel González Videla and denounces his brutal, anti-communist repression in a speech at the National Congress in 1948. Threatened with arrest, he goes underground. Refusing to live the life of a fugitive, he taunts the government authorities by appearing in public venues or leaving evidence of his movements.

– Suranjana Biswas

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