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16th Third Eye Asian Film Festival 2017

The 16th Third Eye Asian Film Festival, which will take place in Mumbai between 21-28 December, 2017, aims to establish interaction between Asian film fraternities and create a dialogue with the West. Extending from Turkey to Japan, and divided culturally into the Middle East, West Asia, South Asia, Central Asia and the Far East, Asian cinema is as diverse and rich as its topography. Yet, Asian countries share cultural and socio-economic similarities. They are plagued by similar problems of poverty, illiteracy, over-population and the low status of women. Cinema is a common bond, which creates awareness about each other.




Directed by Kedar Vaidya, Ziprya is an inspiring drama with many thrills and twists. Based on a novel of the same name, it is the story of boot polishing boys and their lives.


Spectrum Asia

The Bird Was Not A Bird

Lama Azavtani

Death Certificate

Sound Of Silence

Burning Birds

Underpants Thief


Killing Beauty

Indian Vista

Uluva Yogiya Nodalli

The Story Untold

Chiguirda Manasv

Rama Rama Re



Competition for Women filmmakers In Asia


Talking With The Wind

Orazhcha ( A Week)

Sohagir Gayna

The Caveman (Guhamanab)

Third Bank of the River

The Path Of Zarathustra


Best Short Film Competition

Many aspiring young directors and film school students in Asia are making digital short fiction films. The 16th Third Eye Asian Film festival is organising a Short Fiction Film Competition, with a view to hunt for new talent in Asia. The film’s duration should be up to 30 minutes and it should be in the digital format – preferably DVD. Films with a running time of more than 30 minutes may be considered at the discretion of the selection committee. This competition will be judged by an international jury.


Rural India Through Lens

A new section has been started this year to focus on peasantry in India. Seven films will be selected to depict the life of Indian villages during the last hundred years.


Satyajit Ray Memorial Award

This award will honour an individual whose life’s mission is to propagate film culture by running a film society, a magazine or writing books on the subject etc.


Asian Film Culture Award

This award will honour the achievements of Asian directors who remain unknown to common cine-goers in India. Conversely, there is little awareness about Indian directors in other Asian countries. The award will recognise the achievements of a director in popularising Asian cinema and artistic achievement in cinematography. It will be presented to the winner during the festival’s opening ceremony.

– Suranjana Biswas

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