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Aakhari Decision

Cast: Anant Jog, Nagesh Bhonsle, Mushtaq Khan, Navni Parihar, Amar Sidhu, Sumona Chakravarti, Pradeep Kharb
Producer: A Singh
Director: Deepak Bandhu
Story: Rohit Karn Batra
Cinematographer: Andrew Strahorn
Music Directors: Baap-Tutul, Hanif Sheikh
Banner: Ancient Arrow

He knows California streets like the back of his palm and zipping across the city, he goes on a shooting spree, felling half a dozen targets. A demo of his martial and shooting skills is duly displayed. That establishes lead man Arjun’s (Amar Sindhu) character, displaying his proficiency and six pack muscular physique. The demo is also meant to be a showcase for his future producers in case!

Arjun is a sharpshooter for Victor Chakku (Nagesh Bhonsle). Victor has international clientele and targets, no less! Back in Mumbai, awaiting Arjun is his lady love, Mansi (Sumona Chakravarti), and an assignment to kill few more. While Mansi wants him to return to her and his child she is carrying and settle down to a domestic life, Victor prods Arjun to accept just one last assignment; to kill the retired policeman Singh (Anant Jog). Eventually, coerced into accepting the job, Arjun travels with Singh on train, waiting for an opportunity to knock him out. However, when comes the chance, his emotions get the better of him and he fails to kill Singh. Singh is the target because he has earlier double crossed an international Indian gangster (Rio Kapadia) operating from Greece! Finally, Arjun and Singh join forces to eliminate the villains.

The narration is straight with no twists and turns. But, there are too many loose ends. Also, there is too much of meandering before the story progresses. And, why does Rio need a hit man to kill anyone; he looks capable enough to kill anyone with his bare hands and he already has a criminal record in the country? Photography is a plus point. Music has no appeal.

Amar Sindhu is good in action sequences but lacks expressions and, otherwise, lacks flexibility. Sumona Chakravarti has neither the glamour nor acting abilities. Anant Jog and Mushtaq Khan are good. Rio Kapadia has an imposing personality and presence, blending well with an expressive face. Nagesh Bhonsle’s idea of playing a don is imitating a southy.

Coming as it does from nowhere with scant publicity or promotion, Aakhari Decision may well go unnoticed.

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