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Action Jackson On May 1

The leading man Ajay Devgn has finally decided on the release date of one of the most eagerly awaited movies of 2014, Action Jackson. And D-Day? Well, the movie will hit the marquee on May 1. And why this coveted date? Well, it’s a holiday that falls on a Thursday and is the beginning of what the movie’s makers hope will be a glorious four-day weekend for their film.

Shedding light on the deliberations, Devgn reveals, “Gordhanji (Tanwani) got a call from distributors in various territories, who advised him to choose this date. When he told me what the distributors had said, I was happy with it. Apparently, the distributors had said a grand endeavour like Action Jackson deserved a big-release weekend.”

Let’s hear what some of the distributors have to say about this decision:

Dilip Tandon, Indra Films (Nizam): Gordhanji is a man with the Midas touch and each one of us is eagerly looking forward to the lethal combination of Ajay Devgn and Prabhudheva. As for releasing on May 1, it’s a fantastic idea!

Sanjay Ghai, Mukta Arts (Delhi-UP): When Gordhanji decided to make a comeback and signed Ajay Devgn and Prabhudheva, we were assured that he was going to create records with this film. With a decision to release the film on May 1, rest assured the magical duo of Ajay Devgn and Gordhan Tanwani with Prabhudheva will create new records.

Aditya Choksey, Aditya Enterprises (CI): Action Jackson has the winning combination of Gordhan Tanwani, director Prabhudheva and Ajay Devgn. It’s a blockbuster without a doubt and will set the box office on fire on Labour Day. I can’t tell you how excited exhibitors are about this development. In fact, 70 per cent of cinemas are already booked in the CI territory. The queue to lock this film for their respective cinemas is only growing.

Sunil Bansal, Jai Pictures Pvt Ltd (Rajasthan): With a four-day weekend and the holiday season in full swing, Action Jackson will rank among the biggest hits, not only of 2014 but of all time. Mark my words, Action Jackson will take business to a different level.

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