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This actress is Amey Wagh’s Girlfriend!

With Muramba and Faster Fene,  Amey Wagh became a popular face in Marathi cinema. His web show with Nipun Dharmadhikari had already earned him a good following. Now the actor is all ready for his next film Girlfriend.

A few days ago, the director of the film Upendra Sidhaye released a poster of the film with Amey as Nachiket and his girlfriend. But the identity of the girlfriend was kept hidden. After a lot of speculation and guesswork, the name is finally out!

Nachiket’s girlfriend is Alisha and it is played by Saie Tamhankar. Saie has done a variety of roles. She has given some memorable performances in films like Duniyadaari, Classmates, Rakshas and Love Sonia. This is the first time that she would be starring opposite Amey.

Girlfriend is produced by Anish Joag and Ranjit Gugle and will release on July 26.

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