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This is the age of inventive music, with remixed tunes and catchy lyrics. So how do you come up with lyrics that stay not only on our minds but also in our mobile phones? Lyricist, Kumaar, in a chat with Bhakti Mehta, talks about this and many other interesting things. 

After delivering songs like Ding dang from Munna MichaelHawa hawa from Mubarakan and the latest number Kaavaan kaavaan from Lucknow Central, Kumaar is busy penning quirky words for Golmaal Again.

Speaking about his process of generating unusual yet trendy lyrics, Kumaar says, “I first look at what kind of movie it is. For instance, Mubarakan was a happening, celebratory and commercial movie. So my approach is that whatever it is, whether it is love, emotion or pathos, I try to add commerce to it. After all, movies are a medium to reach people and the content has to be strong so that it affects the audience. ‘Simple thoughts with great entertainment’ is my motto.”

And entertain he does, with his young and trendy words that are in keeping with the times. “Waqt ke saath chalna padta hai. I don’t like the old kind of lyrics; I prefer young lyrics with a beat that says, dimaag kam ho dil zyada ho. I want to make the audience feel I am talking about them by stealing what is in their hearts.”

Kumaar also discusses why many songs are youth-centric today. “It is according to the film. Remember the film Oh My God!? I had written a song in it called Mere nishaan. I couldn’t go commercial with the song. So, everything depends on the subject. If you are making a Grand Masti, don’t expect the writer to write literature. Earlier, people would ask, what is the mukhda of the song? Now they ask, what is the hook line? Songs have become like T20, kam samay mein zyada maza.”

With so much insight into what works for the youth, Kumaar discusses the cons of the new generation. “Now everyone has a mobile phone in their hands, whereas, earlier, you wouldn’t have any medium to listen to songs. People had to go to the cinema or turn on the radio. Now it is easy for people to access music.”

On working in the industry today, the lyricist says, “The artistic value of a lyricist is over. There is no guaranteed work. It is not like before when there used to be stardom for writers.”

Kumaar also sheds some light on his future projects. “I don’t talk much about my upcoming projects but I have Lucknow Central and Golmaal Again in line. Lucknow Central is a very real subject and has four songs by me. For Golmaal, I am the solo lyricist.”

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