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After hitting just the right notes with songs like Aaj phir tumpe, Mohabbat barsa dena and Kabhi jo badal barse, musical wonder woman Samira Koppikar became an all-rounder when she composed the recent song Ab raat in the film Dobaara. In a chat with Bhakti MehtaSamira Koppikar talks about her passion for music, her latest hit and much more.

Riding high on the reactions to her version of the song Bairaagi in Bareilly Ki Barfi, which she has both composed and voiced, Samira Koppikar says, “The attempt is to make good music. Once the song reaches the audience and gets good feedback, it definitely gives support to an artiste.”

On conceptualising the song, she adds, “The song is not a typical love song; they wanted something much deeper. So when I sat with the lyricist, Puneet (Sharma), and we were jamming, I shared my thoughts and ideas. We came up with the idea of unconditional love. Bairaagi basically means to love someone beyond relationships or attachments. So that was where we were coming from in the context of the film.

“The song has turned out really beautiful. The lines in the antra basically mean that love is beyond definition. It’s a much deeper view of love,” she says.

Kopikkar also received huge support from ace singer Arijit Singh, who lent his vocals to the film version of the track. “Arijit likes my music and I am very glad he does. When I sent Arijit the song, after it was completed, he personally called me to say that itna acha gaana compose kiya hai. That felt good. I’m glad there is so much positive feedback from the industry,” she says.

Talking about the differences in approach to both versions, the musician explains, “In my case, I have approached it very differently. In the film, it’s Ayushmann’s perspective, which is Arijit’s version. And my version is in the album. The video of that will also release soon on YouTube, from the female’s perspective. Also, the antra is different in both versions. I treated it like an altogether different song. The entire approach was different, it was livelier. It was as if you are with that person and loving that person.”

In today’s world of recreations, Koppikar who started her playback career by singing an old song Aaj phir tumpe, has an interesting take on the song. “I started my career with it and it did very well on the charts. There is nothing wrong with recreating a song. Those melodies and lyrics were brilliant. But in my opinion, I concentrate on creating original material. I feel if one has the capacity to create, to write, to collaborate on good melodies and ensure that the music production is good, then to date I have not felt the need to recreate as a composer. I think, today, people are playing safe because the song is already familiar to the audience.”

Finally, Koppikar shares a few details on her upcoming projects. “Around 20 of my songs are locked for films which will release over the next year and a half or two years, but I can’t mention all of them. I am doing a film called Tadka, which features Ali Fazal and Taapsee Pannu. There are others which are in the pipeline so I cannot commit to something now.”

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