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Always Kabhi Kabhi

Popular TV and radio host Roshan Abbas makes his directorial debut with campus flick Always Kabhi Kabhi. Produced by superstar Shah Rukh Khan, the soundtrack comprises six tracks with Pritam Chakraborty as the primary music director.

The album opens with Always kabhi kabhi (Bhavin Dhanak, Sanah Moidutty, Harmeet Singh). It’s too tepid for a title track. Guest composers Ashish and Shree disappoint in their attempt to whip up a peppy, youthful track. Abbas’ shoddy Hinglish lyrics don’t help either. Though the unplugged version by Vinnie Hutton and Apeksha Dandekar is a tad bearable, the song simply does not excite.

Pritam’s Antenna (Benny Dayal, Roshan Abbas, Apeksha Dandekar) is an extension of his earlier composition Love mera hit hit from the film Billoo. A mish-mash of techno and filmi, Antenna is a somewhat engaging dance number. The reloaded SRK mix version featuring King Khan in the video is a more club-friendly track.

Better not mess with me is about a young girl’s angst with the world. Modelled after pop tracks of the ’80s, this one is an opportunity gone waste. Pritam’s tune is jaded. And in spite of being a pro in the genre, Sunidhi Chauhan shocks with her rendition. She is loud and unimpressive. Disappointing stuff.

Pritam redeems himself to some extent with Jane kyon, a song about heartbreak. He picks two fabulous talents, Naresh Iyer (Soul) and Shafqat Amanat Ali (Sufi) to render the two versions of this poignant ballad. Perhaps the best track in the album.

School ke din (Suhail Kaul, Ishq Bector), a pleasant take on school life, is at best average. Undi the condi (Shaan, Aditi Singh Sharma), short for ‘under the condition’, (cheesy) is a bore.

Verdict: Yawn

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