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A metro-centric story, Apartment is about city singles caught in an unexpected twist of life. Schizophrenia seems to be the flavour of the season as this follows a few other films on the subject.  

Tanushree Dutta has acquired a flat on instalments and her steady boyfriend, Rohit Roy, offers to shift in so as to share the burden of EMI. But soon, she suspects him of two timing her and throws him out. Enters another paying guest — Neetu Chandra! Just when everything is hunky dory as it should be, bizarre things start happening. Neighbourhood shayer, Anupam Kher’s cat is murdered; Tanushree’s favourite gold fish is fed to the crows and so on. The circle of doubt closes in on Neetu Chandra, even as Anupam Kher, returning from a search of her past, is found dumped on the terrace water tank. Climax is predictably filmed, the oft seen before kind.

Performance by Neetu Chandra is very good. Tanushree Dutta is good when not pouting, which she does most of the time. Rohit Roy is incidental to the story and is okay. Anupam Kher is his veteran self. 

Direction is okay. Music is uninspiring. Cinematography is good. Apartment is a routine thriller with scant appeal.

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