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Ashok Patki's son Ashutosh to make his Marathi debut with Once More

Marathi cinema has always been about making movies on different subjects.  Actor turned director Naresh Bidkar’s next venture also revolves around such an innovative issue. And did you know, it will be Ashok Patki’s son, Ashutosh Patki’s first Marathi film. The film is titled Once more and is produced by Chef Vishnu Manohar.

Ashok, who is very excited for his son’s debut told a leading newspaper, “Acting has been Ashutosh's passion since he was a child. And that's why after completing the 12th grade, he turned his attention directly to acting. He was trained under the Anupam Kher Academy and has reached till here through his work in the series, Mendichya Panavar and Durwa."  Ashutosh, regardless of being a composer’s son never had any interest in music and is very excited about his new venture. Ashutosh also said that he has heard the script and is looking forward to work with Naresh.

Ashutosh Patki will be seen alongside Dhanashree Dalvi  and stars many talented Marathi artists like Rohini Hattangdi, Purnima Talwalkar, Bharat Ganesh Pure, Sushant Shelar as well. The film has been shot at various famous Mumbai locations, Film City and Goa.  In association with Rani Krishna Creation, Devas Productions, Lavande Films and Vishnu Manohar Films, 'Once More' will be seen in the cinema all over the world on October 12. Till then stay connected with Box office India for more updates from the world of Marathi cinema.


-Ananya Swaroop.

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