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Aurangzeb marks the directorial debut of writer Atul Sabharwal, who had earlier directed the critically acclaimed TV series Powder and written the taut thriller My Wife’s Murder. Sabharwal has managed a dream cast for his maiden film which includes stalwarts like Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Amrita Singh and newcomers Prithviraj and Arjun Kapoor. The soundtrack, comprising five songs and four music pieces, has been composed by Vipin Mishra and Amartya (Bobo) Rahut.

Rahut composes two tracks – Barbaadiyan (Ram Sampath, Sasheh Aagha) and its slower variant Barbaadi (Agnee Mohan). Although the songs share the same lyrics, they are diametrically opposite in composition.

Barbaadi, with its grunge undertones, is a deeply evocative number. Rahut uses the piano and the electric guitar effectively to create a mood of melancholy that draws you in. And Agnee Mohan hits the bull’s eye with his strong, passionate rendition. Barbaadiyan, on the other hand, is a high-octane, techno club number sung with gusto by Aagha and Sampath. Not exactly a standout track but works quite well as a slick party song.

Former guitarist of the band Parikrama, Mishra delights with his composition Jigra fakira, a stunning combination of Sufi, folk and rock. Keerthi Sagathia’s unique, rustic vocals are a beautiful fit for this poignant number. Although the lyrics by Manoj Kumar Nath are largely in Punjabi and may not be easily understood by many, it’s strongly recommended that you listen to this captivating track. Marianne D’Cruz Aiman’s version of the title track is dramatic and powerful, especially the choir. Mishra shines in his scruffy rock version of the same number, which also features some excellent guitar work.

The album includes four compelling music pieces by Mishra. Battleground Gurgaon is spectacularly dramatic and intriguing as is Trial by fire. The father’s truth is a fantastic instrumental piece with great saxophone bits, and the Aurangzeb theme makes splendid use of the violin and drums. Mishra’s music is in absolute sync with the genre of the film.

Aurangzeb is an unconventional album but worthy of note. Give it a shot!

Verdict: Good.

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