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Baaraat Company

Banner: New Age Cinema 

Producer: Archana Chanda

Director: Syed Ahmad Afzal

Cast: Ranveer Kumar, Sandeepa Dhar,

Vishal Karwal,  Anurita Jha 

Music: Ali Ghani, Siddharth Rishi, Shiraz Uppal

A wedding is a huge responsibility for any family and no one likes surprises, least of all the parents, who rest easy only after the pherastake place. Set in Lucknow, Baaraat Company works on this premise and manages to hook the audience with an unusual concept and an emotional journey.

The male lead Imaan Singh (Ranveer Kumar) aka Immu follows in his grandfather’s footsteps and takes on marriage contracts. But these are not your regular wedding contracts; rather, Immu and his Baaraat Company take on contracts where they force couples to marry each other, in keeping with the wishes of their respective families.

Business for Immu is good and everything is under control – until he agrees to take on the contract of Yasmin’s (Anurita Jha) marriage. When Immu is at bride-to-be Yasmin’s house, he meets her best friend Mehek (Sandeepa Dhar) and falls for her. It is love at first sight for him.

Predictably, Yasmin is already in love with someone and wants to marry him. And, being her best friend, Mehek tries to help Yasmin elope and get her to the Registrar’s Office so that she can marry her boyfriend.

Immu is determined to not let this happen but Mehek manages to convince him that he’s wrong and he does a complete turnaround. He supports Yasmin and even agrees to help her elope and marry the guy she wants to.

But there’s a twist when Yasmin’s brother finds out where his sister is. Enter ACP Abhay (Vishal Kanwar), who is Mehek fiancé!

The chemistry between the new jodi is refreshing and some of the romantic moments have been perfectly captured. Sadly, the film is peppered with some forced humour, which doesn’t go down well.

This film has been helmed by Youngistan director Shyed Ahmad Afzal, who has smartly shot the film in the same location, Lucknow. The film shows off the city beautifully and Afzal has managed to bring something new to the story through his characters and the unique concept of ‘Baaraat Company’.  As a technician, he has grown since his last movie.

Baaraat Company once again proves that Afzal has a knack for music, which is a huge asset. Cinematography is good. Editing is all right.

Performance-wise, Sandeepa Dhar does a good job. Her elegance and acting impresses. Leading man Ranveer Kumar does justice to his role. Anurita Jha plays her part flawlessly. Also, the Baaraat Company team members – Rani (Jai Hind Kumar) and Diljala (Kumar Saurabh) – deliver worthy performances. Vishal Kanwar does justice to his role.

Verdict: A decent attempt to make a unique film but it will be tough to survive at the ticket counter.

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