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"Baby After A Miscarriage"

“A baby after a miscarriage” is how director Shoojit Sircar describes his latest release, Vicky Donor, which has hit the bull’s eye. Relaxed and smiling broadly, Sircar says he will soon start his next film Jaffna.

He says he made Vicky Donor with high hopes but did not expect the film to be such hit, “I was expecting the film to be a hit among youngsters but parents are going with kids, even youngsters are asking their parents to watch Vicky Donor with them. I am overwhelmed with the response.”

The compliments are just not ending and just a few days ago itself he got a 

call from Salim Khan. “I was thrilled to meet Salim saab and was a little nervous too. But he loved the film and gave us his Filmfare award and said that after a long time he has seen such a good film. He also asked me to pass it on to someone else, if I liked their film. Salim saab watched the film not as a regular movie-goer would but from a script writer’s point of view and was very happy with our writer Juhi Chaturvedi’s work.”

Remembering the time when he began working on the film, Sircar says, “ One day, Juhi called me and said she had a script on sperm donation, and asked me if I was interested. I was taken aback but I told her I would call her back. And then I thought, if a woman had thought up an idea like that, it would have to be a great story. We soon started working on the script and it shaped nicely.”

After Yahaan, which released in 2005, Sircar made a comeback in with Vicky Donor. But, he adds quickly, he had many offers between those two projects. “After Yahaan, the industry welcomed me warmly and everyone supported me through the years. But for some reason, Shoebite didn’t release. In the meantime, I directed ad films and a few Bengali films. I am not the type who wants to direct five films at a time, I take my own time. The story should be very close to my heart,“ explains Sircar.

What has the reaction been like after Vicky Donor released? “I have received a huge response from the industry but, better still, doctors from across India have been calling me to say that thanks to Vicky Donor, sperm donation will no longer be taboo in Indian society. Also, some women from Delhi called me and said they never thought they would watch a film on sperm donation. But due to the Delhi context of the film, they have watched the film wit the whole family,” says a very satisfied Sircar.

Making a film on sperm donation in India was not easy but Vicky Donor is not a sleazy,slapstick movie.

“We were always very clear that we didn’t want to make a vulgar film with vulgar jokes. There is a very thin line between the two. Ditto for the Bengali-Punjabi context. We didn’t want to sound communal. So we gave both languages equal importance and added a humorous touch,” he reveals.

Sircar believes the saas-bahu drinking sequence will become a cult scene. “Everyone is talking about daadi and mummy. They just loved the emotional bonding between them. I think that scene will be a cult scene now. Both of them are simply great actors they have their grounding in theatre. So acting comes naturally to them.”

But Sircar is still keeping his fingers crossed so that, one day, his film Shoebite will release. “I can’t ignore Shoebite because along with Mr Bachchan, my whole team has worked very hard on it.”

After Vicky Donor, Sircar will direct John Abraham in Jaffna. “This is a political thriller about the LTTE’s activities in Sri Lanka. The story was with me for a long time but now I’ve got the correct guy. It will be a different type of film for John too. We are still hunting for a leading lady.”

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