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Badmaash Company

Until a few years ago, music lovers would wait with bated breath for the release of a Yashraj album. Films from this reputed production house were synonymous with scintillating music. But in the last few years, the banner hasn’t lived up to its reputation especially on the music front. The soundtrack of their latest film Badmaash Company was launched last week. With hit machine Pritam at the helm, can we expect a scintillating soundtrack?

The album opens with Ayaashi by KK. This fairly upbeat track overdoses on the word ayaashi. Not only does it appear in every second line of the song, the chorus even spells it out. The song is heavy on percussion but doesn’t have the energy to back it. This is, at best, a number that can be enjoyed while watching the film.

Jingle jingle starts with promise. Mohit Chauhan’s youthful voice, Anvita’s easy-on-the-lips lyrics and some simple guitar strumming get your attention. But the mood is dampened when the typical Punjabi-sounding chorus kicks in. Still, Mohit’s vocals make this song one of the more likeable numbers in the album.

Though the opening hook of Chaska is catchy (and sounds fairly similar to the one in a popular South Indian track), the rest of the song doesn’t match up. Sung by Krishna, this track disappoints.

Thankfully Rahat Fateh Ali Khan saves the day with Fakeera. Khan’s soulful rendition in this soft-rock composition makes it the most appealing song in the album.

The title track Badmaash company rendered stylishly by Benny Dayal is a racy but average track with a signature piece that seems inspired by James Bond flicks. The remix versions of Ayaashi and Chaska have nothing to offer.
Disappointing fare from Pritam.

Verdict: Ordinary stuff 

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