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Bal Hanuman 2

This sequel to Bal Hanuman is a delight for kids as it explores cute little, mischievous, strong and brave Hanuman’s childhood years.  The 3D digital animation only adds life to his adventurous journey.

The film begins with Hanuman as a child who is aware of his own strength and doesn’t misuse his abilities. The first episode begins with Hanuman’s battle with the wild elephants in the forest. This particular plot is where the 3D effects come to be noticed.

The other two episodes are about him being cursed to forget all the blessings he has been bestowed by the gods while the third one is about him battling the crocodile man. While battling the crocodile, Pankaj Sharma takes us under water and this battle sequence should amuse the kids as it has been designed to entertain.

The 75 minute film has few dialogue, counting more on its 3D effects to carry it off which along with the special effects has been convincingly executed. But after a point of time the action sequences looks repetitive.

The movie ends with a message that when Hanuman is around no problem can come near you because Hanumanji is known as Sankat Mochan Bhagwan.

Bal Hanuman 2 should prove a more regaling experience on video circuit.

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