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The multi-talented Raghav Sachar in conversation with Komal Sharma on the songs of his upcoming film Guest Iin London

After working with director Ashwni Dhir on the film One Two Three, Raghav Sachar has once again teamed up with Dhir for his upcoming film Guest Iin London. For the film, the young music director has tried to use variety and sound that is youthful and modern. “Frankly, Tu sona nachdi is essentially a party track, it’s more of a wedding celebration song. And Daru vich pyaar is a club party number. Both the songs have a modern vibe, which youngsters will connect to instantly,” says the composer.

Sachar reveals that he has used his signature style for the songs and multiple instruments like the saxophone and flute. “The film stars Kartik (Aaryan) and Kriti (Kharbanda) and has a very new-age kind of arrangement, so the music has also been done accordingly. If you listen to Daru vich pyaar and Tu sona nachdi, the saxophone is prominent. And saxophone is my specialty too.”

It wasn’t smooth sailing all the time and Sachar admits he did face some challenges while composing the songs for the film. “For the wedding song, we had to prepare three to four options and six options for the romantic songs. The final songs were selected from these. There are always challenges and multiple inputs from various places, like from the director and the producers. So the project takes time to complete because it’s not just under one person.”

The music director feels it’s easy to understand a track nowadays. “I usually make dummies of the song and I forward them to the singers, which gives them a basic understanding of the songs. Also, I have done vocals for the songs earlier, which is half the work done for the singers to understand the pitch. It’s not like earlier, when you had to sit with the singers and make them understand what you wanted from them,” explains Sachar.

On the importance of lyrics in songs, he says, “Lyrics are a very important factor in any song since the melody and rhythm are made with lyrics. The Tu sona nachdi song has a very nice bounce, while Dil mera has a very soft and smooth melody with simple lyrics. For my compositions, I largely work on lyrics. I write the lyrics first and then compose.”

While, Guest Iin London was exciting, Sachar has some more interesting work lined up. He says, “There is Balaji films’ XXX, which should be out soon. And then there is another film titled Bhaiyyaji Superhitt, which stars Sunny Deol. Apart from that, there are a couple of projects going on simultaneously.”

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