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Between Two Worlds

Hariharan has completed four decades as a playback singer in the Bollywood music industry. The songster is back with another heartfelt number, Do dilon ke, from the upcoming film Partition: 1947. In a candid chat, Hariharan talks to Komal Sharmaabout working in Partition: 1947 and discusses changing trends and elements in the music industry

Singer Hariharan is still aglow from completing his latest number, Do dilon ke, from the upcoming film Partition: 1947. On what the song is all about, he says, “It talks about what happens when Partition took place, about how people got divided. Partition was manmade and it stripped so many people of so much. The song deals with the regular folks who were affected by Partition; it doesn’t only talk about politicians or leaders. It’s about family, friends and common people breaking up.”

The veteran playback singer says the song will resonate with young people, the core audience of the film and music industries today. “We can’t undermine the youth. They may be happy-go-lucky but they know the importance of a serious subject like this. It’s important for them to know what people went though and the emotions associated with it,” says the singer.

He says the industry is full of new voices that are in vogue. “I have my own style and I have been working in this  industry from the ‘90s till 2005 and then other singers took off. Lately, I have been busy doing shows, Ghazals and the Colonial Cousins album.”

On working with AR Rahman, who has scored music for the film, Hariharan reveals, “It’s been a long journey with AR Rahman, starting with Roja, and we are still doing songs together. We’ve shared a lot of good music and it’s a pleasure working with him. I am so glad I am working with him again.”

On the changing trends in our music industry, Hariharan adds, “It’s the biggest truth that everything changes and nothing remains the same. Some changes are good and some changes are okay. With songs too, some are good and some are okay. You need to face this as well.”

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