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Bhindi Bazaar INC

Judging by the film’s subject, the music should sound gritty. You can expect to hear some slang and local lingo as part of the music. There’s a good choice of singers too – Tochi Raina, Kailash Kher, Roop Kumar Rathod but, ironically, they don’t hook you like they have in the past.

Maaldar ki jeb, on the lines of songs like Aye Ganpat makes for good listening. Tochi Raina does a fair job as the voice of a rugged gangster. The remix of the song is much better though, and might find some takers. Kitni baatein by Roop Kumar Rathod has quite a cinematic appeal and perhaps plays an important role in the film’s storyline.

What adds some class to the album is Aa ja teri by Kailash Kher – a sufi-qawwali song. However, the arrangements are a bit messy. Another track that sounds interesting is Aa ja re piya by Shweta Pandit and Sandeep Sharma – a melodious song that adds some variety to the entire album.

Probably, retro is in now, and everyone wants to bank on it. That’s where Akkad bakkad comes from. In fact, one can find references of old-time hits like Ye jawani hai deewani in the chorus. The song is good for a one-time listen but not more. And while Suraj Jagan has offered something different with this song, it doesn’t quite click.

The customary item number Taan ke seena (featuring Catrina Lopez) is best seen and not heard (that’s the intent with which item songs are made, anyway). Shibani Kashyap does a fair job on this one – but not the kind that will make you stand up and take notice. On the contrary, Catrina Lopez sure will no matter what the outcome of the film.

Composer duo Sandeep-Surya doesn’t really get things right with Bhindi Baazaar Inc, but they do sound promising and a jodi to watch out for.

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