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Bird Idol

Bird Idol, an animation film about a bird kingdom of Sahyadri where interbreed marriages between birds is a crime punishable with death. The hierarchy in the bird-dom penetrates down as per the strength of each species of bird. The buzzard named Dhamki is the wily prime minister who rules by proxy for a disinterested king!

What is absurd about the story of Bird Idol is that, while it is aimed at children, it talks of the issue of crossbreeding between birds, propagating its unacceptability as against the common belief of them being a notch above the rest. And what do kids care about crossbreeding anyways? 

Hummi loves human music over bird music and enters a contest called Bird Idol with this brand of music. He emerges the winner but his identity has been exposed leading to his parents, being captured by Dhamki and his goons. Hummi wins their freedom with his music, captivating the entire bird world in on annual Bird Day.

Bird Idol, though animation, has a regular formula love story and offers nothing that is special for kids; no rib tickling comedy which kids may love nor a single song number that could become a new anthem for children. To save on extra effort, while the characters move, the background is static throughout the filmmaking. Voiceovers are well done. Characters are well crafted, especially those of Dhamki and Jayeshbhai.

Bird Idol could find some favour in the video circuit.

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