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Bogda motion poster: Mrinal Deshpande and Suhas Joshi's film looks intriguing - watch video

The forthcoming Bogda movie, which features different aspects of mother and daughter relationship, was recently launched on the social networking site. Actress Mrinal Deshpande and veteran actress Suhas Joshi have played a leading role in the film written and directed by Nishita Keny. This movie, which will be released on September 7, is all set to be sung by myelike kin. Nitin Keni is the producer of the film Bogda, which has come out of the hard work of Whisling Wood, and with the filmmaker Nishita Keni, Karan Konde, Suresh Parmand and Nanda Parmand have managed to produce the film.

With the film set to release on September 07, stay tuned to Box Office India as we get you more details about Bogda right here.

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