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Call Of The Wild

Raw, rugged and historic… The US state of Colorado is a one-of-a-kind destination for filmmakers

Describing the entire state of Colorado as a turnkey production location may seem over the top, but Colorado is the most geographically diverse, and historically and location rich destination in the United States (US).

First, Colorado is a snow-covered land of mountain peaks and ski resorts, which are picturesque. But there’s an even larger Colorado, which has the highest density of historic buildings and towns in the country. With more than 1,300 national historic districts and several museums, a set you’d have to build elsewhere is production-ready for you here.

Second, Colorado is a natural wonder. From red-rock canyons, vineyards and dinosaur tracks in the West; to wide open plains and grasslands in the East; from bold mountains, rushing rivers and giant parks in the North, to stunning Old Mexico towns, giant sand dunes and wide open valleys in the South… Colorado is raw, wild and wildly diverse.

Nothing surpasses the Colorado lifestyle for work and leisure. It’s no wonder so many people come here for business and return for pleasure. Colorado features awe-inspiring natural beauty of the dramatic red rocks landscape, an expanding grape growing region, farmlands of the Eastern Plains and the tallest sand dunes in the US.

The state sports diverse architecture. It consists of locations that include the world famous historic Mesa Verde cliff dwellings, modern skyscrapers, buildings designed by internationally known architects and small, rural towns. Colorado also features historic railroads, modern light rail systems, superhighways, dirt roads and switchbacks sweeping through majestic purple peaks. It is rare to find such scenic shooting locations with such a diverse choice of locations, all within easy distance of each other.

The climate of Colorado is quite complex compared to the other US states. Southern Colorado is not necessarily warmer than northern Colorado. Most of the state is made up of mountains, foothills, high plains and desert lands. Mountains and surrounding valleys greatly affect local climate.

As a general rule, an increase in elevation brings a decrease in temperature and an increase in precipitation. Northeast, East and Southeast Colorado are mostly the high plains, while Northern Colorado is a mix of high plains, foothills and mountains. Northwest and West Colorado are predominantly mountainous, with some desert lands mixed in. Southwest and Southern Colorado are a complex mixture of desert and mountain areas.


The new Colorado Film Incentive programme offers a 20-per cent cash rebate for production costs taking place in the state of Colorado. The incentive programme covers feature films, television pilots, television series, television commercials, music videos, industrials, documentaries, video game design and creation, and other forms of content creation.

An additional component of the new incentive is a loan-guarantee programme with the state guaranteeing up to 20 per cent of a production budget. This programme is only available to film productions. A production may be eligible for both the performance-based incentive and the loan-guarantee programmes.

At least 50 per cent of the workforce must be based in Colorado. Qualified local expenditures include the salaries as well so long as income taxes are paid in Colorado. There’s a cap of $ 1 million on any one employee.

Colorado has limited funding for this programme and projects will be selected based on the merits set forth in their application and not on a first-come first-serve basis.

Loan Guarantee Programme Guidelines And Criteria

I. The experience, professional qualifications and business background of the production company shall be such as to give the production activities a reasonable chance of success

II. The production company shall be bonded by a major bonding company

III. The production company shall have contracted with a major sales company with experience and standing in the film industry, and such sales company shall provide sales estimates that support full repayment of the loan to be guaranteed

IV. The film and production activities shall result in a positive reflection on the state

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