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The Camp

The Camp is an adventure film for children. Out on a school camp in a remote place; the kids, led by their instructor, Sonali Kulkarni, are followed by a couple of goons planning to kidnap a rich boy among them.

The kid is kidnapped and all cell phones and the bus they are travelling in are made dysfunctional by the kidnappers. After a long wait and with no hope of help coming from anywhere, the instructor finally decides to take action. She, along with the rest of the kids, sets out to look for the kidnapped boy, Neil.

Meanwhile, Neil has made a failed attempt to escape but has left a trail behind throwing some coins on the way making it easier for him to be traced. The first half takes long to establish the characters and set the tone but to no avail as by the latter part, the film has lost its pace.

On the whole, The Camp has nothing to rest its hopes on.

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