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Do Knot Disturb

What’s It About 
The story revolves around a filthy rich businessman (Govinda) and his extramarital affair with a supermodel (Lara Dutta). In order to hide his affair from wife (Sushmita Sen), who is really the owner of his business empire, he bribes a waiter (Riteish Deshmukh) into pretending to be the supermodel’s boyfriend. What follows is a series of mistaken identities and misunderstandings, some resulting into laughter and some seeming just inane.

Creative Touch
Being a David Dhawan-Govinda movie, one can expect it to be loud and illogical. Music by Nadeem-Shravan is feet tapping and goes well with the theme of the movie. The songs belong to Govinda – from beats to the lyrics, all reveal his style. Best known for his dance, Govinda once again entertains the audiences with his latkas and zhatakas though the flab on his face blunts some of his expressions. One can see the larger-than-life scenario through its sets, décor, bungalows and costumes. Though creativity goes amiss at places, especially in the scene where Ranvir Shorey becomes unconscious when a window pane falls on him but comes back to senses after falling from a height. Totally 
bizarre! The film is funny on and off, getting funnier when more characters come together during later parts.

Star Value
Govinda, true to his style, gives a loud and hilarious performance in keeping with his famous comic timing. Lara Dutta looks sexy and over does her stuff at times. Ritesh Deshmukh as a waiter and doting son is good and once again spreads his charisma. Sushmita Sen in her sophisticated role is blah; her comic role was not at par with the other actors. Rajpal Yadav and Sohail Khan in their cameos are ok. Rituparna Sengupta is a waste in the film.

A Rehash
La Doublure aka The Valet (2006) with typical Hindi masala.

Technical Expertise
The film has lot of scenes that could have been deleted, like the double role of Ranvir Shorey – a total waste. Most of the dialogues have double meaning and the screenplay is full of irrational incidents. Vijay Arora’s cinematography is excellent. Errors that should have been taken care off – the restaurant where Riteish Deshmukh works is supposed to be in Delhi, but its surrounding shows yachts and a creek. In another scene, Sohail Khan crushes the photograph of Ritesh, Lara and Govinda but in the next frame he is shown holding the snap.

Director’s Cut
David Dhawan films fall in the league of comedy. He as a 
director knows how to get good comic performances from actors. After directing films like Hero No. 1, Biwi No. 1, and Partner, this one lacking in gags and punches in comparison, results in stretching of existing scenes. 

Box Office
Do Knot Disturb is more of a single screen, mass film and would have been better served with a Hindi title. It should do better at single screen cinemas.

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