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Dubai International Film Festival 2017

The 14th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) will take place from December 6 to 13, 2017 at Madinat Jumeirah, the home of DIFF. The festival will roll out over 120 exciting, original and compelling films from the Arab world and beyond. DIFF festival-goers will be able to watch films screened across the city – at the Madinat Jumeirah Arena, Madinat Theatre, Souk Madinat Jumeirah and VOX Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates and the popular and free-to-attend Beach Screenings. DIFF is officially recognised by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and the winning short of the Muhr Short Competition will qualify for an Oscar nomination.


In The Shadows

Directed by Dipesh Jain, this film is about Khudoos, a lonely man who obsessively watches people through his hidden cameras. The man thus begins his search for a boy, Idris, whom he hears getting beaten up through the walls of his house. The obsession to find Idris takes over Khudoos and, as the boy’s condition seems to go from bad to worse, Khudoos loses his grip over time and reality. An absorbing story of a man trapped within the walls of an old city and his attempts to break free in order to find a human connection.


The Song Of Scorpions

Directed by Anup Singh, The Song of Scorpions is a story of twisted love, revenge and the redemptive power of a song. Nooran is a tribal woman learning an ancient art of healing from her grandmother, a revered ‘scorpion-singer’ who is believed to be able to counter the fatal sting of a scorpion. When Aadam, a camel trader in the Rajasthan desert, hears Nooran sing, he falls in love. Before they are suitably acquainted, Nooran is poisoned by a brutal treachery that sets her on a perilous journey to avenge her and to find her song.



DIFF established the Dubai Film Market (DFM) in 2007. The DFM is a unique platform that aims to raise the visibility of Arab cinema in the region and at an international level. Since its inception, the DFM has supported over 300 projects. It provides unprecedented access to decision-makers from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. With an annual attendance of 4,000 industry and press delegates from more than 62 countries, the market is the perfect place to forge new business collaborations.



Muhr Feature

Cactus Flower

Heaven Without People

Last Men In Aleppo



The Journey

Until The End Of Time



Muhr Gulf Short

A Time To Pray




Land Of Our Fathers

Lost Piece

Our Neighbor Bu Hamad

The Scapegoat


Muhr Short

A  Drowning Man



Last Days Of The Man Of Tomorrow

Le Bonbon


The Servants


A Ciambra

A Gentle Creature

A Man Of Integrity



I Am Not A Witch



Darkest Hour

My Pure Land


– Suranjana Biswas

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