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Ek Second …Jo Zindagi Badal De…

Ek Second… Jo Zindagi Badal De… is one of those films made for self-gratification, an outcome of a shaukhiya filmmaker. And nothing proves this more than the product itself with the producer himself adorning the screen in the role of a do-gooder.

Ek Second… takes off with its female protagonist, Manisha Koirala, losing a job and failing to catch her fiancé two timing her because she always seems to miss these crucial moments of her life by a second.

The film juxtaposes two Manishas, one who misses opportunities by a second and one who makes sure she is ahead of time. While the former is always a loser, the later scores on all fronts in life. The film is lengthy with songs added just to justify de facto financer/producer’s (Suniel Singh) whim to dance with a bevy of beauties. And the theme only adds to tedium as events in the lives of both Manishas are shown back to back leading to duplication.

Star cast is a bit unconvincing; Jackie and Manisha with Rozza Catalano as the third angle as against Muammar Rana (Pakistani actor) and Manisha with Nikita Anand as the third angle. Jackie and Manisha look way out of league to play lovers; whereas with Muammar, she looks old enough to play his aunt, especially so when compared to the third angle here — Nikita Anand who is young and forthcoming. Jackie looks beefy. Manisha looks haggard and spent. Muammar is mono expressive. Suniel Singh acts like it is his money even on screen. Nikita Anand is the sole performer in the film.

Direction is average. Musically, fair. Cinematography is good. Dialogue is 1960sh. All said, the film is a non-starter.

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