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For Esha Gupta, It’s Raining Films

Esha Gupta of Jannat 2 fame is just one film old but the actress has received accolades for her debut film with ‘serial kisser’ Emraan Hashmi. Talking about the appreciation she is getting, Gupta quips, “I am overwhelmed with the appreciation for my look and role in Jannat 2, and I think the credit goes to the Vishesh family, who placed their faith in me. As a newcomer, I feel lucky that audiences have accepted me so early.”

Gupta was signed for Raaz 3 even before Jannat 2 released. This film too is being produced by Vishesh Films. “While I was shooting for Jannat 2, I signed Raaz 3 and now this film too is complete. It was great working with Bipasha Basu, who knows the camera so well. She is so humble and that’s what makes her a star. I have watched both Raaz and Raaz 2 and Raaz 3 is a totally different story. I hope the audience likes it the way they did the other two.”

Asked to name the most exciting aspect of the film, Gupta reveals, “Raaz 3 has been shot in 3D so, being my first 3D film, the experience was totally different for me. The camera angles are very different for 2D. Director Vikram Bhatt was very patient. There were times I was very nervous as I didn’t want many re-takes with such senior actors. But they all were very cooperative.”

But the Bhatts are not the only ones impressed. Before she completed Jannat 2, Gupta also signed a film with Prakash Jha. “When I got a call from Prakash Jha, I was stunned. So I called up Mahesh Sir and he said, ‘Sign the film if it’s a lead role.’ So, without even reading the script, I signed Chakravyuh. To me, the Bhatts are my mentors so I usually discuss all my career-related plans with them.”

About her co-stars in Chakravyuh, she says, “Arjun (Rampal) and Abhay (Deol) are both very supportive. Working with Prakash Jha was a different experience altogether as his working style is very different. I play a cop in the film. For the look, Prakash Sir told me, ‘You have to look like a cop and be very strict.’ So in Chakravyuh, you will see me with minimal make-up compared to Jannat 2.”

Gupta is also thrilled to have worked with Hashmi in her debut film. She says she’s also learnt a lot from Kunal Deshmukh, “who was like a friend and helped me grow”. She adds, “It was Vikram Bhatt who gave me a platform to do something different along with Bipasha and Emraan. In my third film, I am working with Abhay Deol and Arjun Rampal, with whom I am growing as an actor. Prakash Jha is very clear about what he wants. He draws the best from his actors and works till he gets the perfect shot.”

What are her plans after Chakravyuh? “I am reading some scripts and I can’t disclose the names of the films I have signed. I will wait for the production houses to make the announcements,” smiles Gupta.

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