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The man behind many melodious songs of this generation, has launched his new single Tum hardafa ho. Here’s Ankit Tiwari in conversation with Bhakti Mehta, talking about his new track and his favourite songs of all time  

Musician Ankit Tiwari’s latest single Tum hardafa ho has received rave reviews from his fans. “I am so happy with the response. I realised one thing, that in India, melody will never go away. Of course, I have also tried to do different things like Dil cheez tujhe dedi and Piya more, which have worked. Dance numbers always work because they have an international feel. But melody works a lot for us Indians,” says the singer.

“And I’m happy. It is not that the song has broken any records. But even being a non-film song, without a huge launch and without any big star attraction, it has done really well. I am very happy with the response I am getting. We have tied up with streaming site and released our song exclusively on that. They recently showed me the report of the response, which is very positive. It has reached many, many people in a very short period of time. So, for a non-film song, it is a good start,” says the artiste.

On the inspiration for this concept, he reveals, “The concept is a very original thing. We have collaborated with the Times Group on this one and they have made many additions, like former Miss India Aditi Arya, who features in the video with me. And although Times has a good connection with the song, I had actually announced the single way before they came into the picture. It was given the name #OriginalsByAnkit. That’s where it started.”

Elaborating on ‘Originals by Ankit’, Tiwari says, “I want to take my originals further. When this song launched on September 1, I also launched my own YouTube channel. The number of subscribers is very low right now. It’s a slow process and we will gradually work towards putting out better content and attracting more people.

“There, I will not be restricted to anything. We will release whatever we feel like. Just recently, I was sitting at the piano and I composed an impromptu melody. We have recorded it along with a video and put it up on the site. The song is called Piano And Me. These videos don’t have to be grand or have a huge production backing them. They need to be raw, and people need to see that simplicity and rawness. I will do my best to upload stuff that is original and raw. I want to start with the basic stuff,” says the singer-composer.

Tiwari made his screen debut with this video and shares his experience on being in front of the camera for the first time. “Everything was fine. But this doesn’t mean that my focus has shifted from singing and music to acting. But you get recognition. For every artiste who is not constantly in front of the camera, it is good exposure. I think that if a singer is releasing something from their production or channel, then they should feature in it. First, the stage fright vanishes. And, second, people will be able to put a face to the person singing the song. It is not an actor who is lip-syncing the song but it is the actual creator of the track. As I said, it is a slow process but if we try it in a small space right now, we will be able to expand soon.”

Asked why he didn’t opt for a special video in a film, he said, “There are a lot of issues in it, yaar. In a non-film song, the decision is taken by the core team. In a movie, there are a lot of other people involved. You need to talk to the producer, the director and then see that the stars, the hero, is not upset by it. There are too many people. It’s happened to me once before. Someone wanted me to feature in a special video for a film but the hero wasn’t happy with that. So I believe it’s better not to talk about anything that upsets the other person and spoils the relationship so much that you will not be able to speak to each other again.”

On the tendency of the industry to recreate old songs, the singer remarks, “For us singers, the best thing is that you can recreate the songs you like on the stage. Many people listen to us there, so we get to have our moment. Official recreations will be done if they are needed.”

Lastly, Tiwari sheds some light on his future singles, “We have planned a lot of things but I cannot talk about them officially right now. But, sure, we need some support from the media because unless it is acknowledged that we are doing new things, unless people know about it, how can it be appreciated? The media covers the big songs, with big names, but things like this should also be covered. I am sure everything will work out soon.

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