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EXCLUSIVE! Arjun Kapoor reveals what he wants to do after India’s Most Wanted

These are exciting times for people in the film industry as there are so many new genres, new stories that are being tapped by writers and filmmakers. Many actors are taking advantage of this golden opportunity and exploring different type of characters that they have not done before. And of those actors if Arjun Kapoor. The actor who will be seen in the thriller film India’s Most Wanted next, aspires to try new roles.

We spoke to him in an exclusive chat and he said, “I would love to do a heist film. I want to play a conman. I would love to play a police officer wearing a uniform too. But these are characters. But if you talk about genres, I want to do an intense, emotional drama or a family drama like Kapoor & Sons or a mature love story like Closer, or an espionage film with a lot more action. The sky is the limit. You don’t want to stop. When you wake up in the morning, the starting point for any actor is that you want to do all kinds of films but eventually you have to like what you are hearing. I want to do another comedy, for sure. I want to do so many kinds of films. I am lucky that I am in a place where I have explored so many different types of roles and films.”

With films like the historical war-drama Panipat in his kitty, we are sure that this Kapoor will tap into many new genres in these content-driven times.


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