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EXCLUSIVE: Is Don 3 finally happening? Kunal Kapoor shares an update

Franchise films have always been popular among the audience of Hindi cinema, especially the ones which belong to a bigger banner or have a bigger star. One such franchise is Don which is very popular among the audience and its installments have always been much awaited.

Post the success of the first film in 2006, the second installment of the franchise with the same star Shah Rukh Khan came out in 2011. Now, after eight years of its release, there have been a lot of speculations about the third installment of the franchise; who will play the titular role in Don 3, who will direct the film, when will the film get announced and so on.

In an exclusive interview with Box Office India, Don 2 actor Kunal Kapoor spilled some beans regarding Don 3. He says, “I honestly have no idea about Don 3. My role was limited to Don 2 and I don’t know what is happening to the third installment. I think the speculations about Don 3 are there since Don 2 came out.”

He adds, “Don is an iconic film in the 70s as well as now. I would love to see Don 3 but I honestly don’t have any idea what’s happening about it.”

Only time will tell if we will get to see a Don 3.

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