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EXCLUSIVE: This is how Salman Khan intimidated his Bharat co-star

Salman Khan is a phenomenon. Despite being a superstar with the biggest heart, he is known for intimidating his co-stars and younger actors and leaving them smitten with his larger-than-life aura.

Sunil Grover, who worked with B-town’s bhaijaan in Bharat, got candid with us at a recent interview. Talking about Khan, he said, “I found him intimidating during the first few days. He is such a huge star. I’ve grown up watching his films and I’ve been his fan. His aura and stardom is surreal and I was aware of it. Salman Khan commands a kind of power, authority and fandom which is very rare. Knowing all this, when you approach him, you get intimidated even if he doesn’t want to intimidate you.”

The Pataakha actor could not stop gushing about the superstar. Bhai, who is popular for his humility and easy-going attitude, soon made Grover feel comfortable and even helped him with his scenes. “I feel very lucky that I got to work with him. He gave me my own space to work. He made me comfortable. We spent time laughing and joking. He also helped me with a few scenes and suggested that I add a couple of lines here and there. Sometimes he would be standing there when I would shoot my scenes. When we would be done, he would come out and give me inputs,” he grinned.

The duo who plays friends in the film have some fun scenes together as is evident from the trailer. Grover could not wait for us to watch them sharing screen space together. Well, we really cannot wait!

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