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EXCLUSIVE: This is how working in Kaafir changed Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina

ZEE5 Original series, Kaafir, is based on a poignant true story of a Pakistani woman who spent the prime years of her life in a prison in India. The eight episode series has been receiving rave responses from critics and audiences alike. We recently caught up with the actors of Kaafir, Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina, who talked about how the series and the characters they play in it changed them emotionally.

Mohit who plays Vedant, a journalist, said, “Kaafir did affect me a lot. I have realised over the years that there are certain traits, emotions and characteristics of the characters that you play which stay back with you. I lived Vedant’s life for two-three months, pre-shooting, during the shoot and post shooting. So there are certain characteristics that you imbibe without even realizing it.”

He says that he learnt the virtue of patience from Vedant. “I learnt a lot of patience from Vedant. If I come to think of it, he is very patient. I would like to keep him and his quality with me for some time.”

Talking about her character, Kainaaz, Dia said, “Given Kainaaz’s life experiences and circumstances, it was so important to experience it fully. And I don’t think those experiences will leave me fully. They shouldn’t because they have enriched and empowered me; Kainaaz has given me shakti. There’s so much I learnt from her that I hope I never forget.”

Kaafir is directed by Sonam Nair and produced by Sapna Malhotra and Siddartha P Malhotra. It is currently streaming on Zee5.


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