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EXCLUSIVE! Nithya Menen: “I am not interested in being a heroine”

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Nithya Menen who has won her hearts with her films like Bangalore Days, Ustad Hotel, O Kadhal Kanmani and 24 among others just had her first Hindi film release. In Mission Mangal, she plays Varsha Pillai, one of the scientists who overcome her personal challenges and failures to serve India’s biggest mission to Mars.

Some time back, team Box Office India caught up with the talented actor from South who told us that acting was never her plan and becoming a star was never her dream.

The actor, in an exclusive chat, talked at length about drawing the line between being an actor and a star which brings along truckloads of expectations. “Sometimes I am pushed into that other direction but I do not like it when I am forced to be a heroine or do things that are not me or they do not align with who I am. It has always been like that and I always come back to it. I like being only an actor. This is what I can do best,” she said.

The 100 Days Of Love actor spoke about not being interested in only being a heroine. She remarked, “I cannot do the other thing and be a heroine because I am not interested in it. I naturally gravitate towards doing the kind of subjects that are meaty. Then there is the pressure of why did I not do a certain film and why I am doing a small role. But you have to remember what you want to do and what keeps you happy.”

Nithya also said that about feeling creatively dissatisfied after doing a bunch of big films. “I remember a particular year when I did a lot of big films. I felt like I did not do anything, I felt empty inside. Then I paused and took a breath and I told myself that the work that I was doing was not making me happy. I go by the compass in my mind,” she said.

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