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EXCLUSIVE! Shahid Kapoor: My condition was that I would only do Kabir Singh with the same filmmaker

Shahid Kapoor is one actor who is known to be very particular about not only his role in his films but also other things involved in the project. The actor, who is gearing up for his next release Kabir Singh, told us in this exclusive chat that he was very particular that he will only be a part of Arjun Reddy’s Hindi remake if the original director comes on board.

The actor told us, “The reason I had met Sandeep was because I had seen Arjun Reddy and I was very interested. But my condition was that I would only do it with the same filmmaker. The reason for this was that I had loved Arjun Reddy so much that I felt no one else would be able to do justice to it. It would have to be his vision.”

He further added, “It was such an emotional film that it needed the same person to make it. It was not a narrative- or story- or plot-driven film that another filmmaker could then re-do. It was all about the emotion. The entire film was an emotional arc.”

The buzz around the film is great and we will see what this amazing duo brings to us when the film releases this Friday.

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