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EXCLUSIVE: Shahid Kapoor REVEALS how he left Kabir Singh behind for his family

Pic Courtesy: Instagram/ @shahidkapoor

Shahid Kapoor has become the talk of Tinsel Town right now as he just gave his biggest film opening with Kabir Singh. The film has garnered over 65 crores at the box office in its first weekend itself. Not only this, the actor is also being widely praised for his portrayal of a heartbroken, raging and destructive alcoholic in the film.

When we spoke to the man himself, Shahid Kapoor recently, we asked how he managed to detach himself from a destructive character like this. To this he answered, “I had to learn how to detach. I think this film helped me learn how to detach because I had to come back home to my kids and I couldn’t carry that baggage home with me. This film is possibly the one that helped me learn how to step in and step out of a character like this.”

Well, seeing how flawlessly Kapoor played this part, we are sure that all his efforts have now been paid off.  

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