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EXCLUSIVE! Sharmin Segal on why her Malaal co-star Meezaan has more social media followers than her

Sharmin Segal, daughter of editor Bela Segal and niece of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, has just taken her first step in the industry with the film Malaal. The actress who has joined the league of debutants now, recently spoke to us about what she thinks of the social media platforms. The young starlet refrained from being active on these platforms before but gave it a shot when Bhansali who is also the writer and producer of Malaal, suggested that both her and her co-star Meezaan become accessible on social media.

Now that the actress has become more active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, she said, “I am enjoying it. But I never really posted too much. There are days when I want to take my phone and throw it out of the window, ki kyun… mujhe itna post kyun karna padta hai! But it makes a difference. A clear example is Meezaan and my Instagram followers. He started with zero followers and when I made my Instagram public, I had 10,000 followers. Today he has many more followers than me. Meezaan is better at socializing than me. I am upar seextroverted and andar se introverted. So Meezaan was like, ‘You need to be getting out more, you should be dressing better.’ I said I would try and find middle ground.”

Now isn’t that sweet?!

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