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Exclusive! Sumit Vyas: The pressure of working in a film and a web series is quite different

Known for his amazing roles in several web series and Hindi films, actor Sumeet Vyas talks to Ananya Swaroop about his achievements and what’s in store

Your film Veere Di Wedding was a big hit and you got a lot of recognition for your performance in the movie. You must be delighted. 

I am very happy. I wasn’t sure whether my performance would stand out because this film is all about four women. It is quite overwhelming that the audience loved my part.

You have worked in Bollywood films and have also done many web series as well. What do you think is the biggest difference between the two mediums?

The pressures are very different. When you’re making a film, you have to release it in theatres, it has to get that many footfalls, and a certain number of tickets have to sell for it to be called a successful film. A film cannot be successful if it is a good film alone; it is successful if it brings in good box-office numbers. In that sense, there are various factors that come into play.

On the other hand, for a web series, the stress is different. Here, if the content is interesting, people will watch it, eventually, if not in the first week, then at some point. I think the biggest challenge with web series is that it is judged by an audience that has watched the best content in the world right now. So you’re competing against superior content and superior budgets. The idea is to be as original as you can, as heartfelt as the story is. Only then will people relate to it and like it. 

We will be seeing you in It’s Not That Simple 2 and we also know that Tripling’s Season 2 is also on the cards. What is the progress on these projects?

Well, the shooting of It’s Not That Simple 2 is complete. They have a little patchwork and post-production left, so it will release in a couple of months. It is a very interesting show. I had not watched the first season. I was aware of it but since they called me, I saw it and I liked it. The second season is a completely different story. The basic skeleton is the same but the newer characters are Purab Kohli’s and mine.

It is a very mature take on relationships and the life that we lead in the corporate world where the lines between personal and professional sometimes blur. What attracted me to it was that I was not playing a nice guy. I’m playing a slightly greyer character, someone who is very shrewd. It’s completely different from what I have done before. So I was pretty keen on doing that.

We are writing Tripling season 2. We have finished the first two drafts of it and are sort of polishing the last few episodes. We should start rolling in October.

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