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EXCLUSIVE: Suniel Shetty was not the first choice for Pailwaan

Kichcha Sudeepa and Suniel Shetty will share screen space in the soon-to-be-released Pailwaan. The Kannada film will be dubbed and released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. 

In an exclusive conversation with Box Office India, Sudeepa revealed that Suniel Shetty was not the first choice for the film. The actor plays Sudeepa's mentor. He said, "We had Sarath Kumar ji from South in mind. And this was even before we thought about anna till I saw his pictures."

Talking about why he thought about Sarath Kumar and Suniel Shetty for the part, Sudeepa said,  "Sarath ji from the South and anna from the North have maintained themselves so well even at this age. And when they will come on screen the audience will say, that ‘yes, they look like wrestlers’. We didn’t want to take them because they are big stars or have a saleability factor or have fan-following."

He also said that if he would not have been able to convince either one of them, then the casting for the part would have been difficult. 

Pailwaan (Bailwaan in Tamil and Pehlwaan in Hindi) also stars Aakanksha Singh. The film directed by Krishna is all set to hit screens on September 12.

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