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EXCLUSIVE! Will we be seeing Arjun Kapoor in the digital world soon? The actor answers!

The digital world has opened up a lot of avenues for writers, directors, producers and of course, actors. We have seen many names from Saif Ali Khan to Abhishek Bachchan and now Akshay Kumar entering this space. With several actors exploring this avenue to its fullest, what do the others who have not yet been part of it, think about this change? We asked Arjun Kapoor in an exclusive chat about his thought on becoming a part of the web world in the future and he gave a very interesting answer.

The actor said, “I am not one of those who believe that working in the web space would shrink my core audience. The story has to resonate with me. At the end of the day, when you are listening to a story, you have to consider that is should be told on a certain platform where it will get maximum attention. There are certain themes that we cannot tell on the big screen. There are certain themes that make family audiences a little uncomfortable. It is a little risky making a film on Rs 70-80 crore and making a film with themes that might not appeal to the common man. You would rather take that risk and spend it on the digital platform and tell the story exactly the way it is, without toning it down. Then it will definitely find its way to its audience. 

Praising the makers of the digital space, he continued, “Full credit should be given to digital producers. At the end of the day, Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar deserve credit because they are making content without thinking about the repercussions of, let’s say, leftist or right-wing supporters. That is the beauty of the web. If you take that away, then it becomes television, where you are reaching out to the common man. I would love to be part of the web. I would never say ‘never’. I did television and I enjoyed it; I loved hosting Khatron Ke Khiladi. It has to be the best content that I feel is available to me to explore in comparison to doing a film. The time spent doing a web project or a film is the same.”

On the work front, Kapoor will next be seen in the film India’s Most Wanted directed by Raj Kumar Gupta which release on May 24. The actor is also working on his next project, Panipat starring Sanjay Dutt and Kriti Sanon alongside him.

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