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Fandi trailer: Arun Nalawade's movie looks promising - watch video

Marathi cinema has always picked up topics that are very much prevalent in today’s world and beautifully portrayed it with the help of their films. Fandi is yet another film that focuses on disbelief and the faith of people in concepts like superstition. It discusses how people can do anything in the name of faith and don’t even think about the consequence it comes with. It even shows how people spread a web of blind faith for personal gains and it’s a petty thing to do.

In the Fandi trailer we see how a family and the main man of the household are tortured in the name of faith and superstition by a politician and the fellow village members just for mere gains. The debutant director, Ajit Maruti Sable shared that this movie is close to his heart as it is based on his own personal experience. The film also has three different styles of songs and it just shows how much efforts the director has put into the film. The trailer, in a very subtle way conveys what the director wants to tell us and we, as the audience, cannot wait to watch the film now. Meanwhile, you can check the trailer right here!

The cast includes Arun Nalawade, Nitin Anand Bondhare, Vishal Sawant, Amol Desai, Sugandha Sawant and Chanda Jambale and is produced under the banner of Rajendra Ashok Kharkar, Sayali Shashikant Patankar and Mahendra Govind Somase. The movie is set to release on July 27. Till then stay connected with Box office India for more updates from the world of Marathi cinema.


-Ananya Swaroop.

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