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Finding Taipei

An emerging and cost-effective filming location, Taipei stands up to its East Asian rivals

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, is situated at the northern tip of the island and is located on the Danshui River. About 25 km south-west of Keelung, it is a port-city on the Pacific Ocean. The Taipei metropolitan area is home to an estimated 69, 00,273 people.

Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung together form the Taipei metropolitan area and represent the largest urban cluster in Taiwan. Taipei serves as the island’s financial, cultural, and governmental centre.

It is a city of multi-cultural heritage. Officials of the Chinese Qing dynasty left their stone city gates. Japanese governor-generals built neo-classical museums and baroque government buildings during their 50-year occupation. The post-war government established the city’s strong economy and built large, temple-like memorials. Since the 1990s, social movements have made this city a strong democratic spirit, with civil society energised and its Austronesia tribal heritage revived.

Taipei has often been skipped by filmmakers in favor of its East Asian rivals such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, but those who take the time to consider Taipei will soon find that this city is just as vibrant as any other, and weaves a certain charm that makes it unique.

Climate in Taiwan

Surrounded by sub-tropical oceans and nestling in a narrow, bowl-shaped valley, Taipei City enjoys warm weather throughout the year round. The temperature fluctuates during spring and winter but is relatively stable in summer and autumn. The average annual temperature is 23.6 °C, with a summer average of 29.4 °C and a winter average of 11.0 °C.

Great Locations

Taipei is located in a basin surrounded by mountain and water. You can find splendid cherry blossoms and great hot springs on the Yang-Ming Mountain, the beautiful Riverside Park and 19th century Street by the Danshui River. There’s everything in the city: A 508 meter high skyscraper ‘Taipei 101’, the biggest collection of Chinese art works on earth and bustling night markets you can’t find elsewhere. 

Efficient Cost 

Compared to other East Asian cities, the cost of living in Taipei is very low. Given the high quality and low cost of production here, the city is definitely your best choice for film production in East Asia.

Flexibility of Crews

Taiwanese workforces are very open to different cultures, communicative and easy-going. They are very professional, flexible and diligent. You can count on their versatility and benefit from the low cost of services.


Most western nationals will be allowed to enter into Taiwan without a visa for up to 30 days (no extensions allowed), if their passport is valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Taiwan and have a confirmed return or onward air ticket.

For visits of up to 180 days, a visitor visa will be necessary. For stays longer than 180 days, a resident visa must be submitted.

Shooting Permits & RegulationsApplication Deadlines

If a street or city block needs to be sealed off during your shoot (i.e. if you are requesting traffic control), file your film permit application 25 days before the date of filming. For all other premises that do not require a street to be blocked off, submit your application at least seven working days before the shoot.

Incentives of Taipei Film Commission

• TFC offers free consultation for location scouting, co-production with local team, filming equipment and post-production.

• TFC issues Production Concessionary Card (PCC) to production teams filming in Taipei. With PCC, production teams can enjoy benefits of the 4 to 5 per cent discounts in accommodation, restaurants, car-rental etc. 

Incentives of Taipei City Government

The Taipei City Government offers New Taiwan Dollar $ 20 million as subsidy to welcome films shot in Taipei.  Requirements for applicants are as follows:

Required conditions:

• Films 70 minutes or longer

• Shot with 16mm, 35mm or equivalent digital cameras

• Equipped with marketing and distribution plans

Required to meet at least one of the following conditions:

A. Taipei as story context

B. At least partly shot in Taipei City

C. Post-production in Taipei City or local personnel recruitment

To be eligible to apply for the incentives and subsidies, working with a local film production agency is a requirement. For further assistance, please contact us or your local co-production agency.

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